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Play Online Roulette For Real Money: Rules & Tips To Win

Best Online Roulette Casinos In Canada!

The biggest thing in any live casino is the big, colourful roulette wheel. This is also the place where most people play for at least a while when they’re in a casino. Right now, you can even play Roulette in casino online! It lets you skip the crowds and eliminates the need to dress up.

In fact, playing online Roulette is the same as playing it in a traditional casino, but more affordable. Some casinos allow you to place a small deposit to play on their popular wheel.

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The Story of Roulette

Roulette is a game of mysterious origin. One widely accepted version regarding its beginnings is that this game was created by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician in the 17th century. However, many have found evidence of ancient civilizations that played similar games, which is probably where the inspiration for this game came from. 

Based on the name, this is a game of French origin. It combines ideas from two gambling games that Pascal played called ‘Even-Odd’ and ‘Roly-Poly’. Even after all these years, rules of this game are quite similar to those in the past. This game is the widest known casino game worldwide, so it’s safe to say that it has taken our world by storm.

Is Online Roulette Rigged?

If you gamble at a licensed and regulated online casino, Roulette will not be rigged. Right now, you can even choose to gamble live and see the play in real-time on camera. As long as you choose a safe and endorsed site from trusted companies like eCogra, you shouldn’t worry about any game being rigged.

Developers to Look for When Playing Online Roulette

Many software developers create Roulette games because this is a highly popular game played at online sites. However, for best experience, amazing graphics and design, you should choose games from providers like Microgaming, Playtech, BetSoft, NetEnt, RTG, IGT, and Aristocrat.

Rules You Should Know When You Play Roulette Online For Real Money

Well, now that you know what an online roulette is and where you can find it, let’s learn a bit about the game. 

Playing this game is very simple and fun. Here are some basic rules you should know about:

  • Numbers on a Roulette wheel go from 1-36, and include 0 as well as, in American variant and some other variants, other options like 00. Players can bet on these numbers i.e. bet straight.
  • Players can choose between red and black, or different pairings of numbers. 
  • When all bets are placed, a ball spins into the reel and drops into one slot i.e. one number only. 
  • Based on how much you’ve deposited and what kind of bet you have made, you win an amount if the ball hits your number/ color/ group.

The Online Roulette Table

The table of the roulette is your choosing table. You’ll find boxes there that contain the numbers. The boxes are black or red, while the zero is green. Some variants of the Roulette game have a green double zero, too. The table has some other options you can choose from too. You can choose between odds and even numbers, the big and small category, the red and black colour, or the number categories. These things are in the area that’s called the ‘outside’ of the roulette table, while the plain numbers are on the ‘inside’.

Gameplay of Real Money Online Roulette

Once you learn your way around the Roulette table, you already know the gameplay. You use different chips to make the bets of your choice. These can depend on the wagering requirements and deposit options of the casino. When you’re done placing your bet within the timeframe the casino gives you, the small metal ball is dropped onto the Roulette wheel. If it hits the number you chose, you win money based on how much you’ve bet.

You’ll have a couple of extra seconds to place bets before the betting is finished, even if the ball is dropped. When you hear a sound that says the betting is finished or the dealer makes a sign, you have to finish placing your bets. If you won your bet, your winning will remain on the table. The dealer will collect the rest of the bets or they’ll automatically be erased.

Terminology You Should Know if You Play the Roulette

If you haven’t played this game before, you should know that there are two types of bets you can make: inside and outside. Here is some terminology to get you started:

Inside bets

  • Straight: Betting on a particular number. You can do this by placing your chips or selecting a number that you want to bet (payoff 35-to-1).
  • Split: Choosing one or two numbers that lie next to each other and bet on both simultaneously (payoff 17-to-1).
  • Street or trio bet: Wagering any number in a set row (payoff 11-to-1).
  • Corner or square bet: Choosing four numbers all at once, betting on them all (payoff 8-to-1).
  • Five-number bet: By placing a chip on the outside line that divides the zero and one, you bet on 5 numbers (payoff 6-to-1).
  • Six line bet: When you place a chip between two rows on an outside line (payoff 6-to-1).

Outside bets

  • Red/ Black: Betting that the next number that will win will be in this color.
  • Even/ Odd: Betting on an even or odd number (does not include 0 or 00).
  • High bet: Betting that the next winning number is between 19 and 36.
  • Low bet: Betting that the next winning number is between 1 and 18.
  • Dozen bet: Choosing a box that includes specific numbers like 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.

Strategies in Roulette Game

This is one of the oldest casino games and because of it, there are many strategies that have been used over the years. Top three choices are:

  1. Martingale strategy – when you lose a hand, double your bet.
  2. D’Alembert strategy – increase your chances by one instead of two i.e. increase a bet by one when you lose and multiply it by one when you win. 
  3. James Bond strategy – on each round, play by multiples of $200 and remember three bets only. First, place $140 on numbers from 19 to 36. Secondly, place $50 on numbers from 13 to 18. Lastly, place $10 on zero.

Money Management Tips While Playing Online Roulette

Playing at a casino, even online, comes with its own set of disadvantages. But, this happens only if you allow it to happen. To make the experience pleasurable and avoid the big loses, you need to learn how to manage your money.

While you can’t control the ball and the wheel, you can control your own money. Here are some tips that we know can help you when you gamble at a casino, online or live.

  1. Firstly, determine how much you’re willing to spend. Put the rest of the money aside. Don’t let yourself be carried away and spend the money you need for living expenses and necessities. Since online casinos are more affordable, you might want to use low deposit casinos if your budget is low.
  2. Second, determine how much you want to win. Pick a desired number. If you’re lucky enough to win it and realistic enough when you set this number, you should stop once you get there.
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How to Find Good Online Casino to Play Online Roulette

The tips and rules above should teach you how to play and how not to play the most popular casino game. Now it is time to learn how to find the best real money casino where you’ll  play online roulette now.

  • Check online feedback to find the best online roulette casino – The very first thing every online casino user must do is check the reputation of the casino. People use casinos all the time, so it’s best for you to check what they think about the casinos they’ve played in. This will show you what casino is the best for you to start playing online roulette in.
  • Compare accepted payment systems at casinos of your choice – Casinos will have various payment systems for you to use, sometimes even different methods for deposits and withdrawals. Always check this before you give them your payment details and make a deposit. This will reduce the time spent waiting for the money when you win.
  • Compare minimum deposits at casinos of your choice – Last but not least, find out what the casinos require for you to play online roulette there. As we said, you should try to minimize your expenses as much as possible. The online casinos allow you to do this because some of them will offer you deposits of as little as $1, $5, and $10.
What variants of the game can I find online?

The most popular variants of roulette are the American, European, as well as Mini, Multi Wheel, and Live Roulette. Some other popular options are Triple Bonus Spin, Marvel Roulette, etc.

What are the odds of Roulette?

Roulette has a hefty house edge, probably one of the biggest of all games played at casinos. Odds can vary between sites, software developers, as well as variants of this game you will play. House edge for European is at around 2.7%, while for American is at around 5.26%. Average RTP for European is around 97.3% while for American is around 94.74%.

What’s my best move in this game?

There’s no right or wrong move in Roulette. Based on odds, the best bets are general ones like choosing even or odd, black or red, or other outside bets like 1-18 or 19-36. These are perfect if you want to play safe and with a smaller budget. If you want to win big, inside odds offer higher wins and bigger thrills.

Can I gamble on online Roulette for free?

Yes. Many casinos will have demo versions for roulette that will allow you to learn their rules and basically learn the ropes of this game. You can also use casino bonuses like match or no deposit bonuses to gamble for free on this particular game.

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