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Play BlackJack for Real Money In Canada

Real Money BlackJack Explained

Casino fans all love the game of BlackJack. If you have been to the best payout casino, you’ve probably seen people sitting around a banker, thinking hard about their next step. Some of them are big winners, while others lose. Unlike the rest of the casino games like Roulette, playing BlackJack online requires little learning since the game has a limited set of rules. It’s easy to play and yet, it gives a certain thrill that keeps the players energized.

Your winnings in this game will depend greatly on luck and quite a lot on the strategy you use when playing. Today, you can even play Blackjack in mobile casino online, which is actually a much more affordable option than playing in a physical, live casino.

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Rules You Must Know Of to Play Blackjack Online For Real Money

As a BlackJack player, your task is to beat the dealer. Unlike Baccarat where you can bet on the player or the dealer, here you must be the winner to actually win at an online BlackJack game.

Basic Rules of Online Blackjack for Real Money

When you play Blackjack online at real money casino, you need to start with a bet. You determine your bet based on the wagering requirements of the casino and wait for the dealer to give the cards to the player. The dealer will distribute two cards to you, all other players, and himself. Only one of the dealer’s cards will face up.

Your task is to get to a score that’s close to 21, but not exceed this number. To do this, you must calculate the score of the cards. This is where you have to pick your strategy – to hit, split, stand, or double.

Gameplay of Blackjack

The game starts with the person sitting on the left of the banker. He’s the first one to see his cards and decide whether he wants to stand and not get a card or hit and get a new card. He also another option – to forfeit the game with the option ‘bust’, which is your only option when your cards already exceed the number 21.

How to Find Good Online Casino to Play Real Money Blackjack

If you’re ready to play some BlackJack, you should do so at the top online casinos in the area. Here is how you can find them.

Check online feedback for casinos of your choice

People who’ve been where you plan to go know best about the things the casino offers. Check what they said about the casino and the experience with playing there. Only then you can make a good choice.

Compare accepted payment systems at casinos of your choice

Casinos won’t always offer all the options you want for payment. Some will offer different options for different things, like deposits and withdrawals. Check this before you start playing BlackJack.

Compare minimum deposits at casinos of your choice

When you play online, you don’t have to spend a lot on deposits. If you want to try out the game before you learn the ropes, you’re best off using casinos that allow for low deposits. There are casinos that go to $1, $5, and $10 for a deposit.

Glossary of Blackjack Terms

If you haven’t played Blackjack before, you better learn the glossary terms before you start gambling online. This will make things much easier.

Here are the most frequently used words:

Barring a player

Barring a player happens when the casino prevents a player from joining the game.

An anchorman

An anchorman is the person who seats on the right of the dealer. He’s the last one to play.

First baseman

The person seated left of the dealer is the first baseman. He’s the first one to play.

Natural or Blackjack

Natural or Blackjack is a winning hand that contains an Ace and a 10 value card. If you have this, you win automatically.


When a bust happens, you have over 21 points in your hand. This is where you lose automatically.

Card counter

A person who knows to keep track of the cards is called a card counter.

Double down

If you want to double the bet before the dealing of the last hand, you can double down.

Draw a card

When you want an extra card in addition to the ones you have, you need to draw a card.

Early surrender

You can surrender half your bet when the dealer checks for Blackjack. You do this by performing an Early Surrender.

Flat bet

When you make a flat bet, you’re making the same bet with every hand.

Hard total

When you have no ace or an ace counts as one, you have a hard total.


When you choose to draw an extra card, you hit.

Hole card

The card that isn’t shown by the dealer is called the hole card.


When a tie occurs, it’s called a push.

Best Blackjack Strategies

Now that you know the terms and the rules, it’s time to learn some basic strategies to play this game.

Here are some from our experts:

Increases your chance to win – 25%

Keep your hard hands. For example, if you have a 17 in total, stand. It will reduce your chances of winning, but if you choose to hit, your odds of losing are much higher.

Increases your chance to win – 21%

Give the dealer a chance to hit. He’ll do this if he has a soft hand. You can use this to split or double down.

Increases your chance to win – 19%

Only split the eights and aces, not the tens. You’ll get two chances to win the game. If you stand with your two ace cards, you’ll have a lower score than 16. You’ll most likely lose if you do.

Increases your chance to win – 14%

Skip the insurance part. Many casinos will offer this, but it isn’t really worth it.

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