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Online Casinos With Real Money Baccarat

What Do We Know About Baccarat?

The Baccarat card game is the perfect game for those who love simplicity and excitement. Yes, that’s right. This casino game is as simple as it gets, yet provides people with a certain thrill that keeps it on the top of all favourite lists for decades. There isn’t a complicated side to it, nor there various hand values you have to memorize. People love it for its entertaining nature, as well as the relaxing way of playing.

The game is somewhat pre-determined and yet, it is based on pure luck. All you need are some basic math skills and a small deposit. Thanks to online casinos, you can play this amazing game at almost no cost.

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Rules You Should Know to Play Baccarat Online

If you choose to play Baccarat in real money casino online, there are some rules you should know of.

Basic Rules of Online Baccarat for Real Money

The idea behind this game is to find a way to get as close as possible to the number nine. That being said, all you need is to know the numbers till nine, minimal decision-making, and the wish to play one of the most famous casino games known to people. Baccarat has the simplest rules, but it’s still considered a thrilling game. As a bettor, you can choose to bet on a player or the banker.

The Baccarat Table

The Baccarat table has seven or fourteen numbers depending on where you play it. Online casinos usually make this number smaller and have their numbers marked 1 through 7. Live casinos choose to skip the number 13 since it’s considered an unlucky number, so on these tables, you’ll see numbers from 1 through 15. Above the numbers that are located around the table’s edges, you’ll see three boxes. These are the things you can bet on: player, banker, or tie. You can choose whichever of these you like and place your chips or deposit.

Gameplay of Baccarat for Real Money

As we said, you have three choices when playing real money Baccarat online. You can bet that the player will win, the house will win, or the game will end up to be a tie between both. You can bet on any of these three, including the one that makes you the loser. Basically, you win if you lose. Sounds quite intriguing, doesn’t it? You can have a strategy here, but the game is still based on luck. The dealer gives each player a pair of cards turned face-up, including himself. The numbered cards cost their actual value and 10s. The face cards cost nothing. The Ace has a single point. The maximum you need to make is nine points. If you have a value above this, you need to subtract it by ten.

Values of Cards

When you see the cards the dealer hands out, you need to set your own strategy and determine your next step. If you have an outcome that’s lower than five, you probably want to keep drawing cards to get closer to nine. The players that are closer to nine and have, for example, a seven, choose to stand instead of getting more cards. You can even be really lucky and get a natural win – an immediate hand that adds up to nine.

Variations of Real Money Baccarat

When you play Baccarat in the best online Baccarat casinos, you’ll probably get the chance to play the mini Baccarat version. The rules of the game are the same and so are your odds at winning, with the difference that this variation includes half the number of players of the live casino variation. So, you’d be playing at a table of seven players, once again testing your luck and trying out strategies that get you closer to the number nine.

Money Management Tips while Playing Baccarat

There are several money management tips that we can give to new players of Baccarat or those who want to boost their winning chances:

Determine how much you can afford to spend

Keep your bankroll from the money you need for other things such as food, rent, and other living expenses. This way, you’ll have a limit and know how much you can afford to spend. Don’t forget that online casinos let you play at more affordable fees, so if your budget is low, you might want to choose this option.

Make your counting method

Reduce the house edge by starting at a table with fresh shoe of seven to eight decks. This is the best Baccarat card counting method.

Paroli betting system

When you win a bet, double your ante. When you lose a bet, return to your initial deposit.

1-3-2-6 betting system

Follow the numbers during your betting. Use one unit on the first hand, three on the second, two on the third, and six on the forth. It should reduce your chance of a loss.

Parlay betting system

Increase the bets as you’re moving along. But, add the winnings of a past bet to the next bet.

How to Find Good Casino to Play Baccarat

Now all that’s left for you to do is find a good casino to play in.

Check feedback for online Baccarat in Canada

People who play Baccarat in online casinos can tell you how to play, where to play, and what casinos to avoid. Start there – see what other gamblers have to say about the gaming system of each casino you’re considering.

Compare accepted payment systems at casinos of your choice

This is very important and you have to check it before you make your deposit. Casinos have different payment methods and may require different methods for different things like deposits and withdrawals.

Compare minimum deposits at casinos of your choice

Finally, check your options to minimize the losses. It’s best to start with a low deposit. Thankfully, some online casinos make this more than possible. Now you can find casinos that let you play Baccarat with as little as $1, $5, or $10 deposit.

Baccarat Wining Statistics (According to Type of Play)

Play 1# in 38 Spins – Winning Chance (%) – 63,7%

Play 38# in 1 Spin – Winning Chance (%) – 100%

Play 34# in 1 Spin – Winning Chance (%) – 89,5%

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