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Ontario Online Casinos

Aside from the traditional, live casino where gents play in their tuxedos and ladies wear sparkly gowns, there’s a more flexible, easily accessible option for gambling today – real money online casinos. An online casino is the same as the original, live casino, with the difference that you can access it online. You don’t have to dress up, drive there, or even get up. Basically, online gambling in Ontario is yet another huge gift technology has given gaming enthusiasts.

Since the expenses of casinos are much lower when they offer their games online, they can offer more benefits than the usual. They don’t pay for maintenance or any of the other expenses. For the players, this means bonuses and lower deposit. Today, it means deposits as low as $1 in some of the best casinos in Ontario.

Best Ontario Online Casino Sites
100% up to €200
100% up to €100
100% up to $200
100% up to €100
100% up to $100
100% up to €100
200% up to €5000

Are Online Casinos Legal in Ontario?

Ontario does not have laws that prevent you from gambling at an online casino. In fact, this is so frequent and popular there that they have set some of the best regulation and licensing bodies to keep track of the online gambling system. 

That being said, the only thing gamblers should care for when they want to play online in Ontario is how to find the Ontario best online casino. There are plenty of things that determine the quality of a casino, such as bonuses, deposits, game quality and versatility, payment system, security, etc.

So, if you have a question – Is online gambling legal in Ontario, our answer is YES!

What Deposit Options are Available in Ontario Online Casino?

Three really attractive deposit options online gambling Ontario are now available in Ontario online casinos.

This isn’t something you can get if you play in live, physical casino. You might be asked to pay a membership fee or not, but the deposits will be much, much higher than this. Well, thanks to online casinos and their affordability, you can now spend just one dollar to gamble. This could lead to actual, real winnings you can use to play more or withdraw and spend. You’d be limited in terms of how much you can win with that one dollar, but given the fact that this is the best offer gamblers have ever gotten, it’s definitely worth trying out.

The next best thing is the $5 minimum deposit casino. When you check the games and gambling requirements, you might even prefer this option. Many casinos have this kind of an offer today and, combined with the right bonuses at a casino with great game options – it’s a dream come true for every gambling enthusiast.
This is significantly lower than anything you’d be asked to pay in online casinos. It also gives you a nice chance to win some money, try the new games, or just to have some fun while keeping your wallet full.

If you want to save yourself from all those gambling losses, you need to deposit as little as you can to get started. If things go well for you, you can turn these ten dollars into a small fortune you’ll use for gambling. You get the fun experience with just a small sum, plus the chance to win the big bucks.
Ten dollars is nothing compared to what most casinos require from their customers as a deposit today.

How Our Team Rate the Best Ontario Online Casino

This is how we rate every online casino you’ll read about on our website.

We don’t just consider deposits when we choose an online casino, but that’s an excellent start for our reviews. Knowing what it will cost you to play is the first thing to pay attention too. Being mindful of your budget is what differentiates you from addictive gamblers. That’s why casino online ontario are so popular among gambling enthusiasts.

What we do next is check what you can do with the deposit you have ready. Casinos have different list that can vary a lot, not to mention different Ontario online slots quality that can boost your gambling experience.

To play the games and use that low deposit you’ve planned for gambling online, you have to meet some wagering requirements. To save you some time, we’ll check all this and inform you clearly in our reviews.

It is really important to learn what others think of a casino you want to gamble in. People have different experiences with different casinos. By reading about these, you can see how much it took them to get their winnings, how good the games are, and how safe the casino is to use.

To top it all off, you can get plenty of benefits when you gamble online. These usually come in the form of some finely tailored bonuses and special deals andcasino promotions in Ontario. Our job is to check what these are and inform you in a review.

What are the most popular games in Ontario’s online casinos?

Gambling enthusiasts love the versatility of games offered at the casinos, but these three remain their top choices for Ontario online gambling ​even today.


Baccara or Baccarat is a casino card game played between you and the banker. The outcome of this game can either be in your favour, in the favour of the banker, or end up as a tie.


Have you heard of the game Twenty-one? Well, the Blackjack is pretty much the same, just a variant of it. It’s the most popular casino game that’s played with cards and few players. You and the other players compete against the house in turn, but not against each other.


If you’ve visited a casino before, and you probably have, you’ve sure seen that big wheel on the middle of a table. Even if you haven’t, the roulette wheel is somewhat of a sign of a casino. The roulette is the most popular game known in casinos worldwide, allowing you to test your luck like no other. You pick your games or categories, set your wagers, and wait for the ball to drop – quite literally.

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