About Us

What is Casinoofthekings.com?

Casinoofthekings is your saviour, literally. Before when there weren’t too many choices for gambling online, you didn’t have anything to worry about. Now that there are thousands of them, each looking better than the next one, it’s hard to pick a favourite.

This is where we help casino enthusiasts. This website is created to check casinos and tell their stories. By reading our reviews, you’ll learn not just about casinos, but about the games they offer too. Once you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly where and what to play, how to manage your money, as well as what casinos to stay far, far away from.

What Sites Do We Research?

We research online casino sites. Live casinos remain popular among people, but when it comes to flexibility, there’s nothing better than gambling online. You can do it from your home and in your pyjamas, during your work break or while you’re going to work. You’re literally not limited. No more dressing up, no high entrance fees, and most importantly – no more high-cost deposits for gambling.

Do We Research Only Casinos?

Our main goal is to help you find a good online casino. We do this by evaluating the sites, the feedback, but also the games. This means that we don’t just research online casinos, but different games too.

Think of our website as your gambling information hub. You’ll get everything from gambling advice to an evaluation of a casino you thought of visiting. We’ll tell you all about their bonuses, requirements, and reputation.

Meet Our Team



Mark is the man who stands behind all we do. He organizes our website and finds the perfect way to present the information to those who are interested in it. Mark is perfect for the job since he’s a past casino worker, a true gambling enthusiast, and has a Master’s degree in software technology.


Mary is the person behind the reviews. As an editor, she goes through several steps to write each review. She checks the reputation, tells us about the casino’s bonuses and requirements, and gives us recommendations. Without her attention to details and insightful tips, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with such useful information.


Sam is the person who takes the work of Mary and turns it into what you’re seeing on the site. He’s the mediator between you and our editors, the person who tells you what you can expect from an online casino.

How Do We Evaluate Online Casinos

Joined together, we write detailed evaluation of all casinos on this site. Here is how we do it.

We compare deposits

First of all, we check what you’d be required to invest to be able to play at an online casino. It’s a known fact that online casinos are more affordable and generous than live casinos. This is natural since they don’t have grand expenses like the live casinos.
However, some casinos are more attractive than others. Without a doubt, you’d be most interested to play at a casino that lets you use low deposits when you have little money or want to check out a new game.

We compare games list

The gaming experience of players depends greatly on the game quality and selection. Our team will see what games are offered where, compare the list to that of other casinos, and even play the games to check their quality. If a casino has limited number of games, we’ll let you know. If they have high-quality games and a huge list of them, that’s the casino for you.

We compare wagering requirements

The casino industry is huge and it works with a lot of money. As such, every casino must set its own rules and requirements for gambling. Instead of spending your time trying to figure all out, you just need to read our reviews and get informed of all important wagering requirements.

We compare online feedback about low deposit Canadian casinos

Our editors then move on to the feedback customers leave about the Canadian casinos we review. This is of crucial importance, maybe even the most important thing, since it tells you what will happen if you gamble at an online casino.

We compare bonus offers

The last thing we do is something all players want to know – what will the casino offer to them if they choose to deposit their money and play on their sites? Online casinos are known for their bonuses and special offers. We’ll see what these are for every casino we review and let you know.

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